Introducing the UFO

Experience the world's most advanced 90-second smart mask that combines UFO-activated mask formulas with FOREO’s Hyper-Infusion Technology. The UFO Smart Mask Treatment lifts and firms skin, diminishes the appearance of pores and reduces inflammation.

To use, tear the sachet to remove the device-activated mask. Remove the attachment ring and apply the mask to the device. Secure the mask by clipping the attachment ring back into place. Pair the UFO device with the FOREO for You App to enjoy your preprogrammed routine!


About the Brand

Enhance your daily self-care rituals and experience exceptional results with FOREO’s trendsetting suite of skin care and oral care devices. FOREO’s travel-friendly assortment of waterproof, bacteria-resistant silicone products merge sleek, Swedish design with superior technology. FOREO devices are backed by a 2-year Warranty and 10-year Quality Guarantee, available in a rich, visually stimulating color assortment that suits a variety of tastes.