Elemis Biotec

BIOTEC, the NEW Energising Skin Care System from ELEMIS gives skin a powerful wake-up call. With ground-breaking technology that energises skin from within, it’s time to switch your skin back on.

The ageing process and lifestyle challenges can cause skin function to diminish. Re-boot your skin’s performance for a freshly revived complexion with BIOTEC, the NEW Energising Skin Care System from ELEMIS.

It’s time to turbo-charge your skin care. BIOTEC has the power to switch the skin back on, igniting a mineral charge for radiant skin. A potent BIO-ENERGY™ complex of encapsulated Zinc and Copper, combined with a trio of acids and Amber, helps to re-boot skin’s performance for a thriving, vibrant and freshly revived complexion.

About the Brand

The luxury British skincare and spa brand that delivers pioneering, clinically trialed therapies and products for face and body.

ELEMIS was born out of the vision to bring together the power of nature, science and aromatics. Harnessing the power of the highest - grade actives, ELEMIS' pioneering skincare products have transformed the front line of the beauty industry.

ELEMIS’ continuing mission is to stimulate the skin – to keep it functioning through products and formulas that deliver every ti me, whatever the day, whatever the occasion. Evolving with your skin.